For this short project we were split into small groups of four and given a brief to add a new digital experience to Bristol Zoo. Our group worked well together and discussed ideas on creating a safari type game where children scan and collect QR codes hidden around the animal exhibits to encourage exploration of the zoo. We also discussed the idea of having a prize in the form of a customisable keyring in the shape on an animal if they collected all the animals. It is possible to have this 3D printed, but considering the cost of 3D printers this could have been too much. 


Another Idea we chose was to have a giant flexible touch screen which would show the timeline of the zoo’s history, as well as including interactive features such as a gallery where you can submit drawings and comments about the zoo. The obvious problems with this would be the space it would take up as well as the cost. 


We divided different jobs between us and I chose to design the animal logos for the safari game. I wanted minimalist, simplistic designs with bright colours to appeal to children. I researched logo designs like twitter which has a  simple animal design. Obvious dangers here were over simplifying the shapes to the point where no one would be able to tell what animal is being portrayed. I am overall pleased with the end result especially as they all have a similar uniform appearance.


All in all I think this short project went well. Our group organised our time well and came up with good original ideas which stuck to the brief. Looking back if I could change anything I would have made more designs or thought of a way to incorporate some sort of idea in which would would encourage people to come back/ could take something away with them. I hope to keep up a good pace of work like I did in this group and not leave it to the last minute with other groups.