Charlotte Strethill-Smith

Digital Media Design Student

Old typography project — November 20, 2013

Old typography project

Old typography project

Last year, I completed my Pre-Degree Art foundation course. One of my units was a typography unit where we were asked to create a few semantic typography works, to show the words meaning in font. This is my final piece and the one I received the most positive reaction from.

I created another piece using photoshop, which spelled the word accident in a coffee spill which I then printed out next to a mug. However, I enjoyed creating 3D pieces more so I made the word boom out of paper coming out of a wall with paper dynamite suspended in the air by wire.

I originally wanted to create a series of times of day using objects and food commonly associated with them. Unfortunately, I ran out of time. I am currently considering carrying on with this as a personal project when I have time. One thing I don’t like about this piece is that there is no universal font style and the letters aren’t even.