We have been given a project to complete over christmas, which involves making an online portfolio website. Ive started planning in my sketchbook by looking at different colour schemes, fonts and sketching out some ideas. A lot of the ideas I wanted to do are way beyond what i’m capable of at the moment, however I plan to revisit them once I get more confident with coding. These designs included a floating metallic box which you could spin with your mouse to get to different parts of the site, a webpage that looked like a folded out sketchbook and would extend the more you updated and some more simplistic designs which I chose to start off with.

I also started looking at different logo ideas by playing around with the letters in my name. I also began finalising the overall layout as well as how I could make it more personal to me. I began coming up with ideas like the side of my head which would be animated and split into different sections which showed my skills and interests. At this moment i’m considering putting in small animated cartoon versions of myself on the about page.

The process of creating a webpage from scratch is slower than I thought it would be mainly due to this being the first time i’ve coded something serious. But i’m having a lot of fun making it.