Here is the link to the newest unit we were given. We were put into groups of 6 and given the task to create a website with video logs about a futuristic product of our own design. Our group designed a contact lens that would not only feed information to the user directly but also become a tool to teach the user different skills. Originally our videos were going to be instructional videos on how to use the product and we were going to overlay information on top of videos. However, we thought this would mean editing would take too long and chose a simpler idea of infomercials which depict an everyday situation and someone hilariously bad at it. We would then show that our product can improve your life drastically, although in hindsight this could have been improved by showing exactly how the product will improve it rather than just cutting directly to the user being better.

Our website features a very minimal design which works on mobile devices, which was one of the specifications on the brief. The background is a picture which represents the building the company convex would be using. The site is supposed to show minimal information on the product and has a very long disclaimer about side effects of long usage. This was to raise awareness over the negative impacts on a product that would completely invade your personal life and share your information with everyone around the world. By creating a seemingly fun and innocent front the company actually takes on a sinister persona in not revealing much information on a product that reveals all your information.