Charlotte Strethill-Smith

Digital Media Design Student

Blender Wooden Cup — March 27, 2014

Blender Wooden Cup

Blender Wooden Cup

I started using textures and compositing them onto shapes. This has given a very interesting wooden effect onto a wooden cup form. I think moving the light source a little more would have added more shading to the inside of the cup and made it more defined as to what the object is. I am interested and enjoy working with textures and creating different materials on blender and hope to move on to using more translucent materials to possibly create realistic petals/ clothes. I would also like to work with elements more and create landscape terrains that can also be animated. This would be useful in the future if I were to create a games landscape environment.

First Blender Animation — March 26, 2014

First Blender Animation

After playing around with blender to learn the basics, I started following some tutorials to learn how to animate using blender. This very basic technique involves using particles and forcefields to push the particles around to then be dissolved by decreasing their size. I like the look of this technique however, I think it would look better with a shorter name as the particles twist a bit awkwardly because of the length.

I also experimented with making the word ICE look like it was melting and made of ice. Unfortunately, I saved the final animation in a temporary folder which was deleted when I closed the program.

Personally, I really like the poly and isometric style which can be achieved in blender. However, I want to move towards a realistic style to begin with to understand the program better.

First Blender Attempt — March 22, 2014

First Blender Attempt

First Blender Attempt

We started learning a free 3D animation software. This is my first attempt at an isometric style shapes using basic cube shapes to build up landscapes. It could be progressed further by creating bigger scenes with more objects and adding a river. whilst i like this style i think it may be a bit too simplistic for what I want to do with this program. I have also started work on poly graphics, which is similar in style but a bit more detailed.

Gravity Project — March 6, 2014

Gravity Project

For this weeks project we were asked to use Adobe After Effects to create a short video using a clip from the new film Gravity’s trailer. We were then asked to overlay text on a background in time to the script.

White text on a black background created a contrast that also related with the space theme of gravity. It shows the isolated, almost haunting feeling of being alone in zero gravity. I also like the effect of letting a few phrases stay on the screen whilst others are being said. It created a hurried and panicked feel which suited the tone.

I think I will carry on with this idea and use a short piece of music and maybe change the background colours in relation to the timing of the piece. This is similar to what I did in my previous short animation project. I should also experiment more with changing the size of text to fill the screen more as I think this is something i could have improved with this video.