We were given a quick group project to create a poster design based on Scotland’s recent referendum vote.The concept of the brief was to design and create an A3 poster that would promote the independence of Dorset from the UK. This will then be presented in the Media School block where we will gather information by watching the reaction from staff and students.

My group started by discussing ideas on what Dorset had to offer and looking into the history of the county. We liked the idea of making the poster 3D as there would be many other posters in a small space so ours would really need to stand out. I started looking into different layering ideas such as paper craft and the group suggested acetate layers to create shadows. The main thing we want to show is the breathtaking country side and the castle ruins which are a key and historical part to Dorset. The danger of this was accidentally portraying it as a tourism poster. The other thing we started researching into was slogans. We came across the Tolpuddle Martyrs, who were 19th Century agricultural labourers who formed a trade union due to the low levels of pay and would meet secretly, and were arrested and sentenced after swearing an oath of secrecy. When imprisoned the slogan “We Will Be Free” was used, which has since inspired generations of trade unionist movements and other groups to fight against oppression. This slogan seemed the most appropriate for the representation we want to portray.


Unfortunately a lot of the sketches I drew looked too much like a tourist poster and it was only when a member of the group bought up the below image of Corfe Castle which showed the castle in a more intimidating light that I started thinking more about how a silhouette of the castle would change the tone of the entire poster. I feel by using the castle ruins as a silhouette and the slogan ” We Will, We Will, We Will Be Free.” It gives a more chilling tone of a society once complete with stunning landscapes and castle now being in ruin and needing to be rebuilt. Another member of the group looked into dorset previously being part of wessex and incorporating the wessex wyvern into the design as a sort of mascot similar to Scotland’s unicorn.


This is one of the sketches I made which I wanted to develop further. I think it incorporates everything the group wanted in a poster.