After a group meeting we decided to go with the castle silhouette with a wyvern idea. I started by roughly tracing an outline of Corfe Castle and played around with layers. I wasn’t too happy with how the first one came out as I didn’t think the landscape and positioning looked right. I tried again with a different picture and thought the overall effect was what I wanted so sent it to the group for feedback.

castle 2 _castle

After receiving feedback from the group , we decided we liked the layered look but wanted it to be on more of a hill than a long landscape. After changing the scenery I started sketching a wyvern by looking at the references from the Wessex Wyvern and other detailed drawings. I realised afterwards, the first sketch looked too protective over the castle and the others suggested changing it to look up at the empty space next to it and for it to fly to symbolise freedom. After reviewing with the group again we decided to change a layer to have trees and bushes to keep it from looking like a mountain and also changed the wings to be longer and tattered.

wyvernoperation countryside.psd operation countryside