After sending the files to my group they started playing around with the background and typography, resulting in a poster which different layers were then printed on acetate and put together in a frame with lights behind.

10712619_10152843407534529_6542525969817506259_o 10553908_10152847018274529_8945583467667444880_o 65525_730059663697446_7536272647510625966_n

The result was an eery looking poster in which the resulting layers looked like fog setting in against the backlights. The one issue was one layer had overlapped the word ‘Dorset”, to resolve this we cut out the overlapping colour and put everything back in place.

10689458_10152852606349529_851005194559413292_n 10710527_574435129327221_7878588874111077891_n 10171739_730381550331924_7716171214514735304_n

Overall I am very happy with the result, We wanted to create a 3D Poster to stand out against the others and I think we have achieved this. The only criticisms I could make is some text is hard to read, this could be resolved by making all the text transparent so it would shine white. It is also possible this looks like a film poster rather than fighting for independence. It will be important to get feedback when we hang it in the Media School.