After finalising the posters design we presented it in the Media School. We originally put it next to  the seating area, however not many people were even glancing at it so we moved it to the pillar next to the cafeteria. After analysing the space it was clear that people who were waiting for coffee/food, waiting for/meeting up with people and people going to the bathroom were the people who would look at and even analyse the poster. It became clear very quickly that there were windows of 20 minutes every hour where people were leaving and going to lectures. It was a very fast moving environment with a few specific channels or movement. It was also clear that people didn’t like to hang around for too long.

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One thing noticed was how there were more lecturers than expected with around 20% being lecturers. They were also more interested than students in the cause behind the posters and hearing more about what each poster represented. The majority of traffic was students however and if they did stop they did notice the posters. This is good to note due to an upcoming project where we will using the same space.

Feedback from students and lecturers indicated that the majority liked the poster. However some criticism was about the text being hard to read and it looking more like a film poster. Another student was angry at another poster as he thought it had a “BNP Vibe” and wanted to rip them all down in protest until someone pointed out what the project was about.

thing we learned was that the area was well lit and had warm colours so out poster which was lit up already and had similar colours to the wall it was on didn’t stand out as much as it could, which could have been remedied if we had thought about this within the design at the start. The poster as well needed to be larger than A3 as it was hard to stand out against many larger screens and images. The text could have been bigger to draw attention to what the message and slogan was from a far. All in all I am very happy with how the poster turned out, I think our group worked really well together and our ideas fulfilled the needs set out to meet.