Our Course went to London on a visit to the Science Museum. There was a floor full of interactive exhibits called Who am I?. The exhibits explored every part of the human body and mind. There were a few exhibits which related to my current unit of creating an interactive feature at uni. One used a camera to map the movements of the people in front of it and project them on a screen built up as a large group of balls. These would then float down across a long strip underfoot whilst questions came up to make the user think.



The largest installation was a large table in the middle of the room which encouraged users to play short games about their Favorite food, what languages they could speak and other aspects. These would then be projected and compared on a large screen on the wall.


The pods surrounding all games which would test things such as if you were more creative thinking or logical thinking and then compare you to statistics.


In the main entrance there was a huge display with blocks of light appearing like they are being affected by gravity and the force of other light blocks. this directly relates to how we recently used processing to create different forces such as gravity and friction to affect a dot on the screen.


Another interesting exhibition, was the 3D printing space which showcased a variety of 3D printed objects as well as how the process works. I also looked at an exhibit which showed a variety of 3D shapes and patterns which gave me a good idea of the kind of result I want to produce visually for the interactive project.


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