For our Applied Design unit Bournemouth Universities RedBalloon Agency has been commissioned to create an app for Salisbury Cathedrals Magna Carta exhibition in 2015. This has been proposed at potentially being a series of exploratory interactive and educational works accessed whilst walking round Salisbury Cathedral and could potentially be geolocated.

After listening to the brief and lecture given by RedBalloon, the first idea that came to mind was inspired by listening to the hierarchy of the feudal system which forced the Magna Carta to come into effect. It was explained how the peasants gave their food and produces to the knights, who gave their services to the nobles/barons who in turn gave their knights to the King in exchange for land so the King could fight for more land or protect his land in France. This in turn led to the King losing a lot of money ,land and knights which led to him raising taxes for his losses. A group of rebel barons then revolted and forced the king to sign the Magna Carta which some viewed as an ancient English constitution protecting individual English freedoms.


From this basic knowledge of the Magna Carta and by looking into the brief that the client would like part of the app to be marketed towards children age 5-10. I came up with a mini game idea which involves you taking the role of a rebel baron. You build up your lands food, resources and knights by playing various mini games such as tapping the screen to pick cabbages, and swiping  in different directions to defeat other knights. However as you progress through the game, the king randomly taxes you more and takes more of your resources until you revolt by pressing the revolt button multiple times and then pressing the kings hand down to sign the Magna Carta. All the mini games last for 6 seconds and you can play each multiple times. This might insight a basic knowledge for children on why the Magna Carta was first form of human rights and why it was important. This would be done in a very minimalist style to attract children and incorporate some of the brown parchment colour with brighter colours to appeal more.