Magna Carta is a famous symbol of  fairness, human rights and justice. it inspires and encourages movements for freedom in Britain and around the world. It was issued by England’s King John in June 1215 as an attempt to prevent a civil war between the king and his barons. Magna Carta simply means ‘great charter’. A charter is a legal document issued by the king or queen which guarantees certain rights. This Magna Carta has over 60 clauses, including the right to a fair trial. The one displayed at Salisbury Cathedral is one of four copies which survived of the seven written after King John agreed peace terms with his barons at Runnymede, which were sent around the country as evidence of the king’s decision. Medieval documents like this were not signed, but sealed. However, Salisbury Cathedral now only owns a replica of the seal. Continuing to use the target audience of 5-10 years, I thought about creating a scrolling children’s storybook app which could be interactive. This could follow the journey of King John and his misuse of the land by taxing, putting whoever he wanted in jail without a fair trial and taking ownership of a widows property before the Magna Carta was passed. This could be a scrolling adventure or could be interactive as you click or move objects to move on to the next scene. This idea takes inspiration from point and click adventure Broken Age. Which has a storybook type feel which you can interact with to tell the next part of the story. GirlDialogTree The style template would be a brown parchment textured book with brighter colours to accent the image and appeal to children. It would also be interesting to incorporate the stain glass windows and tapestry   from Salisbury Cathedral in the storybook in some way. The problems with this idea is that it could take too long to draw out all the backgrounds and animate characters. A way I could think of coding it would be to import each stage in the story to different view controllers in swift which then link by creating an object on a certain point in the image. These are examples on stained glass in the Cathedral, a statue depicting King John being forced to sign the Magna Carta and examples of tapestry with King John in to show an art style which could be used. Issue_53_2011_Feature11_49914561_magna_carta_07 lackland-smimages