On Monday the 16th of February, we took a trip to Salisbury Cathedral. We were given a guided tour of the Cathedral and shown a replica of the Magna Carta and the King’s Seal. We also talked with one of the people organising the exhibition, he talked us through the brief again and went through a few ideas of his own which could be developed on.  He described either having an experience you could interact with before coming to the Cathedral or something you could use at the Cathedral to interact with people around you. He also liked the idea of using the theme of human rights. One issue would be that they do not currently have Wi-Fi installed and it would only be in limited areas, they would also need to set up a server and need a moderator to moderate the content uploaded as the aim would be for children to use the app as well.

It was bought up how they would like some sort of reference to Salisbury Cathedral within the Magna Carta app. I was inspired by the cathedrals history, in how the building and statues were originally painted. I think children would love to see how the cathedral would have looked, so an app where you could colour in various statues and parts of the cathedral which could then be posted to a gallery where you can view everyone’s coloured drawings would be interesting.

Another way to incorporate the Cathedral would be a kind of adventure trail children could follow. This could show them things they might miss, for instance looking at the pillars you can see tiny fossilised shells that make up the stone, or learn about the giant who won a battle when the flag bearer fell.

These ideas revolve more around the cathedral and it could be said the cathedral already has a small booklet of activities for children and this project revolves around their Magna Carta exhibition.

The three main points written in the document are:

– denied justice to fair trial

-the church shall be free

-no one can take ancient rights

it could be possible to create a type of whiteboard where people could write rights they think should be laws in modern day. However this could just be implemented via with hashtags and could go more global to gain more publicity.