My initial concept idea was too much work for the amount of time on this project. I looked into simpler games which are still effective and found Cookie Clicker ( Cookie clicker is an addictive game where the user repeatedly taps the screen to unlock upgrades and gain more points.

A concept I developed from researching this game was the idea of the player having Baron status in game and having to increase their food, knights and property. The player would tap on the screen repeatedly which would increase their number of resources and in turn level up the property. However, King John will regularly tax the player every few minutes which will take an amount of resources from the player every time and gradually increase. The aim would be to keep all of your resources for the longest time possible, this would be made difficult by the player having to tap the screen faster every time the tax was raised. This idea  is aimed at children between 7-10 year and has the intention of being played before arriving at the Cathedral as a way to understand the frustration the Barons must have felt over their food and knights being taken and taxes constantly rising.

This idea is the one I have decided to present in my mood board in order to assemble a group with similar Ideas. I also included various apps, styles and games which have developed my style and concept ideas further in order to create a group with similar interests in order to collaborate on a similar mindset. I took the majority of my inspiration from adventure games, which I feel is how I ended up with such a complicated original idea. Amongst the games I researched I found one aimed at children who were visiting a museum ( This gave the children playing an interactive exploration experience and was informative about the various exhibits in the museum. Whilst I felt this would be too ambitious as a project, I still took into account what made this game informative and yet still a fun experience for children. The same creators also created an interactive for the science museum ( I thought this was interesting as it depended on a more interactive element and allowed for experimentation.

I wanted the style and colour palette to appeal to children so looked into minimalist styles and brighter colour palettes than the one the Cathedral had given. This could present a clash of styles, however I felt the colour palette the cathedral had chosen wouldn’t appeal to children playing a game. I also thought about making the game very easy with simple instructions to reduce any language barrier. I hope to take the ideas of creating a simplistic game with a brighter colour palette and interesting minimalist style into the group with me. I also want to look into ideas of an interactive element within the game and also incorporating useful information to also make it somewhat educational.