To form into groups our course laid out the mood boards of everyone who wanted to be a group leader on the floor. The rest of us then laid our mood boards underneath or on top of the idea we felt we connected with. I went with a group that were interested in a game design too and where the group leader had researched similar games to me. In hind sight I should have chosen based more on the research and style I wanted to follow rather than whoever wanted to make a game. However, I feel the group I chose had a very similar ideology of the direction we wanted to take the app.

We had our first group meeting shortly afterwards and put our mood boards together. Our group leaders idea was very similar to my original idea before I changed it as it was too ambitious. I bought up the idea of trying to simplify the game as much as possible with concerns of ability and timescale. The group agreed and we decided on an initial idea of a platform runner in which the main character would be going around the country delivering signed copies of the Magna Carta. We wanted the game to have an element of difficulty to it and discussed briefly the idea of jumping over obstacles and possibly more obstacles and a faster pace as the game progresses. Whilst this may appeal to older children who have more experience playing similar game apps on their phone, our target audience is aimed at 7-10 year old children and this may be too difficult and less of a learning experience for them. However, we chose a game to appeal more to the target audience and make it more of a fun experience.

We were undecided on the style choice but like the idea of a style such as the game Monument Valley ( This game features a beautifully designed colour palette, which we feel was bright enough to appeal to children but not too bright as to not be able to fit in with the exhibitions colour scheme. I also suggested a pixel art style which could appeal to children and also create a uniform style for the group. This style could be easily replicated with a grid and keep the same dimensions for each object and character. I also felt this style would be easy for everyone in the group to do and would allow for everyones work to flow together without looking too dissimilar.

Here are some examples of styles and colours we were interested in using. I personally felt the dark blues and purples with the contrasting accents of orange and brighter colours would match with the cathedrals royal blue they are using.

screenshot4 tumblr_niz3sbHVJm1qbrfxto1_500 tumblr_n4w85syp811s559q7o2_500 tumblr_n4w85syp811s559q7o7_500