Our group is looking into different methods we can manage this project. Some methods are:

– Waterfall: This traditional method is a structured and sequential process. It splits projects into short numbers of large stages which include; research, requirements and scoping, design, development, testing, deployment. However each stage cannot be properly commenced until previous stages are complete. This makes this method inflexible as it is difficult to go back to previous stages when a problem arises.

– Agile: This is a more flexible and modular approach, broken down into smaller and numerous iterations called sprints. This is better for short term projects as the stages and milestones are based on weeks opposed to months. Changes are easier to implement and lessons are learnt quicker.

– Lean: This method applies to teams looking to introduce new products or services to market. It uses business hypothesis and driven experimentations to shorten product development cycles.  It also involves putting a bare minimum product out and then using feedback given to release updates based on that feedback.

Seeing as our project is a short live brief which is prone to change timescales at little notice, an agile method is preferable in our case. We are looking at various time management options such as using an online whiteboard to organise what we need to do, what we are working on and what has been completed for each week.