Our groups idea has now developed into a tapestry style storybook. We thought children would relate more to a game which had a story and we could get the idea of the Magna Carta across more. We decided the game needed to resemble tapestry to link it to the cathedral and the tapestry found there. We have carried on developing the pixel style and I think the individual pixels could represent the bare threads in tapestries and the blocky edges of objects you see when you look at a tapestry up close. I put together a quick sheet of references and used a pastel colour palette. We wanted a sense of day to night as you progress through the game so chose darker colours at the start to be night then bought in orange and yellow tones for sunrise, blues for day and pinks for sunset. We also wanted it to be dark the beginning to represent the villages in a bad state which will then move to brighter colours after the Magna Carta is signed to show a transition as laws are made.

stylesheet copypixelback copy

I started working on some buildings and natural structures for the background in this style. However, it became clear I was putting too much detail into each object and whilst I was working at a steady pace, I was still taking too long on each asset. I think the only way we can carry on with this style is if we had a lot more time. It became clear at this point we had set ourselves a very ambitious project for our first time designing and coding an iOS app. To resolve these time issues we are revising the design so as to complete everything we set out to do in the time and iron out any kinks.