Over the past few months our course have been given workshops on creating basic iOS apps using Swift in Xcode. We started by learning the basics including the storyboard feature. The storyboard brings up the view controller which you can drag objects from the object library and align there position. We started by dragging a label and a button to the view controller and then aligning them. This was to give us a basic walkthrough of what Xcode and swift were capable of and their features, as well as getting used to the storyboard and object library.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 13.49.28

We then developed this further over the next few weeks by changing the basic design elements such as the background, font and font colour. We also learnt about dragging the objects to the view controller code. By doing this we created a fact sheet app in which the used uses the buttons at the bottom to switch back and forth between facts. It is useful to know this if I wanted to change various elements on the screen by pressing a button. We also learnt about the slider objects and various other input methods. For instance the one we created could calculate tax on the input given. This is useful for creating forms and other inputs on an app.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 13.49.58Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 13.51.58

The next weeks followed on with using the object library to build lists and insert pictures. We then expanded on this by adding navigation controllers to the storyboard so the user can now go to another screen to add a list item themselves. This is useful for knowing how to add more pages to an app and use navigation features. It is also useful to learn about image sizing and formatting objects to restrict themselves in an app as it is a smaller screen. It is also important to know that apple does not like apps which use their objects in ways they were not designed for as it could create confusion.

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