After deciding Elias would be our main character, we needed to design what he would look like. The only reference we found was a statue dedicated to him for the architecture of Salisbury Cathedral. I based the design off this statue and looked into different styles. I wanted to take the long blue robes and dark brown bowl cut as these would be easily identifiable from other characters we might put in. His appearance shows a certain importance within society whilst not looking rich and luxurious.


I originally looked into rounded character designs as I thought this would add a comedic element and be appealing to children. However, this style proved to take a long time to animate and difficult to keep it looking uniform throughout.

crapsketch copyitsterriblesorry copy

This was also the time we were looking into using a pixel style. Personally I felt this style would be easy for everyone to replicate and for it all to look similar. It would also help with sizes as you can set up a grid and draw assets based on set sizes. For a while we stuck with this pixel style and I created the run animation for Elias. I found this easier than the previous sketchy animation and thought it looked cleaner. However, due to time constraints and the sheer volume of work we set ourselves the group decided this style took too long to create and opted for simplistic vector shapes. I then changed the work I had already done on the Elias animation to match the new style. If we had a longer time span I would have liked to carry on with the original style however, it is important that we made this change so everyone in the design team felt they could manage the work load.