For this project I felt I struggled with keeping my ideas simple. I over complicated a lot of my ideas and should have thought more about time constraints and making sure the idea was doable, bearing in mind none of the group including myself had attempted this type of project. We worked well as a group and whilst this was an ambitious project I think we have all learnt and achieved something from it .I feel I learnt a lot about iOS developing and sprite kit which will be useful for future projects and my placement. I was originally upset when I created a lot of design work which was then scrapped but I learnt that in order to complete the project in time I needed to not be precious about my work, especially with such an ambitious project. As Design leader I should have stepped up to my role a bit more and made sure things were happening to the deadlines set. Whilst this project had a lot of set backs and a lot of scrapping and starting again I think we created a good product. I think our app meets the briefs criteria and is an educational game for children the age of 7-10 to enjoy before going to the Cathedral to enhance their experience of the Magna Carta.