This week I had a projection mapping workshop, where I learned basic MadMapper functions including:

  • How to mask shapes to an object
  • How to project videos and images on to an object
  • How to use image and video editing effects in mad mapper such as changing the RGB values

I also learned basic functions of the software Resolume for live video composite and effects with real time rendering. This software can be used with MadMapper to display live video on to objects.

This workshop has been useful in teaching the basics of two programs that will aid my graduate project. However, I have familiarised myself with these basic functions of the program MadMapper already. The next workshop will involve working with interactive projection software such as Isadora and CVV.

I have also been practicing projection mapping in my spare time, by using a cardboard model from previous unit to map white onto the 3D blocks. I then changed the background in between the blocks. This shows the birds eye view city model with simplistic blocks to represent buildings will work visually. I also tested projecting on polystyrene, the piece I used gave an interesting shimmer effect to the projected image. One thing I will need to take from this is that the projector casts shadows, which may mean I wont be able to project onto areas with more buildings. This could be resolved with a second projector projecting in between the building blocks.