This week I had a group meeting with my community of practice supervisor and group. Each group member presented their project concept and progress so far and then feedback was given from the group and supervisor. I find this method helpful for gaining experience in presenting and pitching my ideas as well as gaining useful feedback to progress my project further.

The main points bought up by my group and supervisor were questions on:

  • If I am keeping the city model location to Southampton or a general city
  • If I am going to call on collaboration with any architecture students or residents of Southampton
  • If I am going to contact Southampton Council or the art gallery with my project

The suggestion of using a map instead of a city model was bought up and could be used to colour the various sections of southampton. This could also bring up a separate projector screen with a photo gallery local residents had drawn of design ideas for the local area. From this meeting I have decided to contact Southampton Council and local art galleries to pitch my project and ask if they would contribute to the project.