To start model making I looked at into areas around southampton with large public spaces that were not in use or could be further developed. These spaces included:

  • A small green space opposite the train station used by pedestrians as a walk path. This could be further developed with lights or a brightly lit artwork for safer passage at nights.
  • Two unused lots next to the northern bridge. One is originally where the old ITV building used to be.
  • An unused lot next to the Paris Smith Building.
  • An unused lot behind Debenhams where an old shopping centre used to be.
  • Also further use of the large concrete space outside the Guildhall. This could be used for pop up exhibitions.


After picking the areas to build I printed the aerial views onto grid paper and cut out the building shapes. These were then scanned into the computer and enlarged 3 times to create the actual scale size of the models. The grid gave the measurements needed to cut the shapes out of styrofoam. This was done by heating a metal knife over a flame which easily cut through and created a straight edge. The models were then sanded down to get rid of rough surfaces and to carve more detail such as roof edges into the buildings.

The next step with the models will be to see how well they are projected onto and eventually to complete at least 4 models that will sit on individual podiums.