Finally completed all of the model buildings for three different areas of Southampton. I chose the central train station, the northern bridge and next to the Paris Smith building. The models have all been cut from Styrofoam with a hot knife and sanded to create a smoother surface, as the material has a tendency to shred and disintegrate if cut with a scalpel. I glued the pieces to polystyrene tiles using a solvent free glue, as the material dissolves otherwise. I projected the aerial views onto the boards so I could position the buildings correctly. I also found having fewer model buildings than on the map gave a 3D impact and didn’t overcrowd the model.

Furthering this, I will need to test if it is more effective to project a real earth image onto the board and warp the building images around the model. Or if it would look better to draw the map onto the boards using photoshop or a vector graphic program. This second option would be more time consuming, however would offer the additional application of animation on an otherwise static image.