After projecting the real aerial view from Google maps onto the building models, I realised it would be difficult to warp the building images around the model. This method distorted the image and I also felt that overlaying illustrations on the top would create too much contrast between the lifelike map and the animated illustrations. For this reason I researched into illustrative styles. I found an infographic style which I felt suited the project as an informative digital design. I also looked into more abstract styles which overlaid plant and building textures to create cityscapes.

After researching different illustrative styles, I wanted to see how these styles looked after being implemented in my own illustrations and if the output changed when projected onto the model. Firstly I took the different shapes of one building and changed the colours as if there was a light source coming from the right. I felt this added more depth and showed the detail of the model. However, I put the road from the map view in and found it didn’t look as clean-cut as the building when drawn to lifelike specifications.

This was taken further through adding a border around the shapes and more detail similar to infographic buildings researched. I also experimented with overlaying textures in various opacity. However, It looks like I didn’t output the images in a high enough resolution so when projected the images look pixelated and blurry. Despite this, I think the thicker border defined the shape of the building and I even liked the added detail of extra lines. The road made of straight lines in varying thicknesses is more keeping with the style and still portrays the area well. The overlaid textures are an interesting idea as well and I hope to further this concept on a future project, though I feel may be too abstract for this particular project.

Overall I like the infographic style and can see it carrying over to other areas of the model such as the train station, water and plants. I also feel simple animation (for instance a passing train or moving water) will entice the audience to view my installation rather than the static image.