In this group meeting we showed each other progress we had made so far on the project. It has been useful to discuss our projects and gain feedback in order to develop our ideas and progress. In this meeting I showed the models of Southampton I had finished and received very positive feedback. I explained that I had emailed Southampton City Council and various art galleries in Southampton, for any information regarding feedback already received from the community on projects they would like to see and sent the dates for my end of year exhibition. I also showed the progress I had made in researching different visual styles for the project.

The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive and bought up useful points such as:

  • Using Google earth model data to project onto the building models. The group liked the look of the real map data and suggested I look into other ways of using it.
  • Showing that the model is interact by having a sign
  • different styles can create a good contrast
  • Email the galleries again before the exhibition to invite them
  • Ask the Council for any further support such as images
  • Ask the AUB Architecture students for any advice
  • Using lights next to the train station model for a better lit walkway into the city centre got positive feedback

From this feedback I have taken that in order to progress further I need to further research the design aspect and keep a running community dialogue.