The MaxPatch for the graduate project is now finished. I added a counter to the patch which is triggered by the movement bang. The counter counts the video frames from the  movie file input and then counts to a certain number before stopping the video. This is timed to stop on a blank frame of the video after a certain animation has played. I had previously tried to use loop points and a counter with a clocker. The loop points did not work when I tried to duplicate it and the counter with a clocker needed to be triggered twice before resetting. I also changed the time message to frame as this then worked on all videos inputed. Finally, I adjusted the animation video to fully cover the middle model tile.

I have been in contact with Culture Southampton and intend to set up a meeting with them in the next week or so. This is intended to gain advice on current community views on developing city areas. As well as, invite Culture Southampton to my graduate project exhibition.