Charlotte Strethill-Smith

Digital Media Design Student

Graduate Project Exhibition — June 28, 2016

Graduate Project Exhibition

Interactive installation using projection mapping and visual coding to stimulate discussion about urban renewal/design in Southampton. This involves the audience to move their hands above a city model of various areas of Southampton to trigger animated projections onto the city model. The projected images would allow for reflection and discussion about areas of the city, that could benefit from investment and renewal through showcasing ideas and scenarios put forward by the community as a form of visual interactive community appraisal. This project has stemmed from personal experiences of communal spaces and frustration with some aspects of urban design.exhibition


Graduate Project Trailer for the Exhibition — June 7, 2016

Graduate Project Trailer for the Exhibition

As part of our graduate project we are required to create a 10 second trailer to convey our projects concept. I found this challenging to fit the concept into 10 seconds; and so formed three short sentences to describe the concept with an informative animation behind. I chose to animate the trailer in after effects as it fit with the design theme and it would be more difficult to get the footage and edit in time when setting up the exhibition next week.